Large white letter S for sightline.

We’re Sightline Properties

Welcome to
the neighbour­hood.

It means different things to everyone, but to us, it’s where we feel safe, comfortable, and protected. It’s a place of peace and rest. It’s a place we can depend on.


At Sightline, we build and maintain places to live from the perspective of home. We think about where they’re located, how they’re designed, the way they’re constructed — how they’ll hold up to the demands of multi-resident urban living, the wear and tear of busy lives.

But we also see the bigger picture. Our guiding vision is the standard to which we hold ourselves — not just as developers, but as people. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we know the materials we choose and the suppliers we enlist contribute to the longevity of our projects. We work with people who are as committed to craftsmanship as we are.

At the same time, we keep our sights low to the ground. We understand every detail, every choice we make, is not just a reflection of who we are, but more importantly how it impacts the person who will live there — you.

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